An iconic landmark that helps you breathe cleaner air boosting health and happiness

After having been carefully dismantled and restored local residents can now benefit from the new features of Battersea Power Station’s four famous chimneys. Not only do we have the iconic landmark that features prominently in the opening and closing ceremonies of 2012 London Olympics and many films & TV shows, back it in rightful place, the rebuilt chimneys no longer spew out 5412 tonnes of carbon. Instead these dangerous fumes are being replaced by 42,770 sq. m of communal roof gardens and over 22,729 sq. m of green and brown roof space.

This cleaning of the surrounding atmosphere will greatly benefit the local residents. In fact on the webpage of the Battersea Power Station, (POSITIVE ENERGY), there are four priority areas:

  • Environment
  • Community
  • Jobs and Education
  • Wellbeing Health and Safety

Within the above they have described, among these many benefits to the community, the priorities of the vital new features that will assist local residents to breathe more easily and will also boost their health and happiness.

Thus the new chimneys are, in most important respects, completely the same as the old ones: but there is one big difference. The new chimneys will help people living nearby to get much cleaner air for night time sleeping and day time living, boosting their health and happiness in a unique and ground breaking way.

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