An interview with Frances Bottomley

Frances Bottomley: Accounts Administrator to the Penhurst Group

How did you come to join Penhurst?

Having worked in different sectors over the years and, having recently closed the debt recovery business I was partner in, I found myself seeking another opportunity. I then came across an advertisement in my local paper for a receptionist.

The role seemed ideal for me: it was close to my home and, having grown up in the area, I knew the town very well I went for it and the rest is history. I knew the building and the adjacent buildings and had seen them evolve over the years from being a builders’ merchant to a private house and its present use as a business centre.

What has it been like working with Penhurst for the past 20 years?  

My time at Penhurst has been interesting, varied, enjoyable – and sometimes challenging! I have seen many changes over the years within the company and have done my best to embrace new systems and provide guidance to new team members.

How do you think Penhurst has evolved over the years and what do you think has made it such a strong company?

All those years ago when I started with Penhurst, the company was under the ownership of John Elkington Senior and I was a part of small team assisting in the running of the 25 serviced offices. It was in 2006 that John Senior sold the business to his son, also John. John is never one to rest and immediately set his sights on expansion.

John is a strong leader who strives for the best. Over the years I have seen him expand and grow the business, purchasing and renovating an increasing number of buildings. The success of Penhurst in my view comes down to the strong team members that strive for nothing but the best, very much like John himself.

What would you consider to be your greatest achievement whilst working with Penhurst?

Well, I never expected to be here for 20 years! One of greatest achievements was standing in as Deputy Manager at the Tonbridge business centre to cover maternity cover.

Do you have any fun stories from your time spent at Penhurst?

Many! There have been so many times I have laughed until I cried working here. After attending many of the Penhurst Christmas parties and having shared many good times with John and the team, I can honestly say there are memories I will keep with me forever.

Do you have any mottos or quotes you live by in your personal or business life?

I always felt it important to be liked by others and have always believed that you should try to smile through the good and the bad and laugh a lot where you can.

Is there any advice you would give to the younger generation in finding their feet through their working life?   

Give 110% in everything you do and to be happy in whatever path you take in your career.