Penhurst marks the Coronation

This weekend marks a new era for Britain as we welcome our King and Queen, King Charles III and Queen Camilla. As the world eagerly awaits either by queuing, making their way to the Coronation on the day or by merely watching from the comfort of their homes, the world for that one moment will be united with one thing in common, to watch history take place.

Around 10,000 troops from the UK and the Commonwealth have been honoured to represent the nations historical moment by welcoming our new King. They will be overwhelmed with pride and joy as they not only witness first hand an amazing event, but receive a medal that ends one era and starts a new. An era very different to the past, one that has seen many changes to society and the world in general.

What we welcome the most here at Penhurst is change! We constantly adapt to a moving society and technological advances to try to meet the needs of our clients and ensure everyone works in a great environment.

So, just as we welcome a new King, we too welcome change and happy to hear how we make a better Business Centre for everyone. We are here to help your business evolve!