Tonbridge Castle – history on our doorstep

The story of Tonbridge Castle is one we can all take inspiration from and epitomises the saying ‘the comeback is greater than the setback.’ However many times we get knocked down, we must rebuild and move with the times.

The castle was built after 1066 by Richard De Clare, a great supporter of William the Conqueror. When William died however, his son Rufus rebelled and the castle was destroyed.

The castle came back into the hands of the de Clare family during the reign of Henry III. In 1253 Henry gave Richard permission for the reconstruction. Building work started and by 1259, the de Clares built the castle bigger and better than it was before with taller walls, stronger defence. It was said that there was no greater fortress!

The fortress was demolished in 1647-48 and used as a quarry in the eighteenth century. Finally, the castle was refortified in the Second World War and again modernised to suit the ever evolving world with anti-tank pill boxes being built at each end of the south wall.

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Tonbridge Castle is just a short walk from the business centre and makes for a lovely lunchtime walk with a coffee to muse over the ever evolving world.