Renting a workspace in Battersea – what are the advantages?

The role of a business centre is to provide a professional working space where business owners can carry out their day-to-day activities whilst benefiting from the extra services and support provided.

Due to competition in this market, business centres are constantly evolving and thereby meeting the needs of companies more effectively. By being mindful of the requirements of tenant companies plus the motivation of its employees, here at Penhurst we strive to simplify any day-to-day issues that may arise and make the workplace a more enjoyable environment thus saving you time and allowing you the freedom to prioritise. The added benefits of networking with fellow tenants and reducing overall business costs make these spaces cost-effective and functional.

Renting a workspace couldn’t be easier – with flexible contracts and competitive rental rates, it’s possible to run a business for less that £1,000 per month. By renting a private office, shared space or a virtual office you can enjoy added extras such as reduced costs, cleaning, maintenance, internet, address handling and more. Let’s not forget to mention endless networking! Making this a perfect place to develop relationships and potentially new clients within other companies.

Yet another bonus of using a business centre is the ability to project an impressive company image. Our offices, located in Battersea, boast a modern yet warm interior which not only feels inviting, but clean and professional. This in turn generates trust and security amongst your clients allowing us to take care of the small things that mean a lot to you.

Come and take a tour of our centre and see how we can provide you with a tailored first-class service your company will benefit from.