Location Location Location

Location is of the upmost importance when deciding where to base your offices. So below we have outlined the advantages of why Riverside House in Tonbridge is the prime spot for your business.

  1. Commuting and client visits – a few minutes’ walk from the train station, Riverside House makes for easy commuting with regular routes to and from London and major towns in the South East. It is also a five minute drive from the A21 which joins the M25.
  2. Tonbridge town has many attractive amenities such as a gym, excellent primary and secondary schools, supermarkets, industrial estate, nearby post office, swimming pool, multi-storey car parks and a theatre.
  3. Being in the Kent countryside, there are many parks, footpaths, cycling routes and areas of outstanding natural beauty not far away from the business centre for you and your colleagues to enjoy your break time. This can give you a chance to properly unwind, ready to go back into the office with a clear head and enabling you to focus and be productive.
  4. We have a broad range of different businesses who occupy our offices and also in the area. Meeting other professionals offers an opportunity to network, strengthen business connections and build on your client base. Local networking groups meet weekly and monthly at various locations around
  5. Tonbridge is close to other industrial towns such a Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone; both a reasonable driving distance and train journey.
  6. Whilst we are situated in the centre of town, we are on a peaceful side street off the high street. This limits noise, provides a beautiful setting looking out over the river on the edge of Tonbridge Park. We are however still within walking distance of local shops.
  7. Riverside House is an attractive looking building, it is well maintained with a great kerb appeal. Offices can be unsightly places, whereas Riverside House is inviting and warm with a touch of character.
  8. Room for Growth – our offices come in all shapes and sizes, much like businesses! We aim to cater for all. If you start out small but continue to expend, we will seek our larger offices in the building for you and try to cater for your ever growing needs! So much so that we have been known to knock down walls, put in extra doors and conjoin separate offices to make way for office growth.
  9. Proximity to talent – located close to many schools and colleges so easy to recruit new talent for jobs and roles.
  10. Tonbridge office rent is significantly less than London prices, meaning your business can spend money on other resources. This doesn’t diminish the quality of service or standard but simply that it isn’t in the middle of the city. A 30 minute train journey to the outskirts can be easier than getting across the city anyway!