Top ten Tonbridge café’s

Sitting just behind the high street, Riverside House in Tonbridge benefits from being just a short stroll away from many breakfast, lunch and dinner options for you and your clients.

  1. Finch House – Independently owned, Finch House is a high street café that uses locally sourced produce to create a diverse menu full of tempting dishes and treats, made by the in house staff every day.
  2. Café Nero – No introduction needed, Café Nero is an internationally renowned coffee shop.
  3. Basils – An up and coming, trendy café, Basils make delicious fresh sandwiches and deep filled jacket potatoes just to name a few.
  4. Nancy’s Tea Rooms – a beautiful, quaint stop on the edge of the Tonbridge Park. They also will host small event such as baby showers and tea parties.
  5. Bubble Wraps – For those of us who like to try something different, bubble teas and drinks are here to try!
  6. Paw’s Cat Café – Located in the centre walkway, this cat café is perfect for any feline lovers who fancy a coffee and a cuddle with some kittens.
  7. 65mm Coffee – A scenic walk along the river will bring you to 65mm Coffee where you can sit and enjoy a stunning view of Tonbridge Castle.
  8. Tonbridge Old Firestation – A magnificent building with so must history, the firestation is a quirky multifunctional building the fantastic cakes.
  9. The Bakehouse at 124 – Walk up to the top of town and you will find the most beautiful row of old shops, number 124 contains an award winning bakery.
  10. Jel’s Café – With absolutely rave reviews on Trip Advisor, Jel’s Café is definitely one to visit for breakfast.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash