Residential Property Landlords v Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit everyone in all walks of life, not the least the Residential market both for Tenants and Landlords alike.

As a Tenant of a rented residential property it is always comforting to know that your Landlord has the availability and resources to ensure you have security of tenure, proper maintenance and supporting staff at all times.

However with the biting advent of the Covid-19 sadly this is not always the case.  Many Landlords are being forced to reduce the service they are able to offer their tenants or in some cases not having the overall backup resources to continue making tenants as comfortable or feeling quite secure as in normal times.

Penhurst Properties with a very active Management team taking immediate action, have ensured during this emergency they have the staff in place and the required resources. To respond to any Tenant’s problems communication is on hand when necessary with the Penhurst team. As responsible Landlords we continue to monitor the Covid-19 situations likely to affect Tenants making adjustments when and where appropriate to continue offering necessary support.

This is possible because Penhurst Properties has proven underlying strength with over 33 years in Property Managing business. The deep experience gained over this time has meant existing tenants have as usual continued to receive proper attention but also since the start and in spite of the Covid-19 problems. Penhurst has also duly included our recognition of our links with NHS staff.

We are keen to play our part as far as possible to ensure Covid-19 does not create unnecessary stress in our area of the Property world and we would be pleased to offer our facilities to new Tenants.  Please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7978 0100 or email should you be looking for a property to rent, as we would be happy also to extend this quality service to you.